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Tips for gambling

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Tips for gambling Empty Tips for gambling

Bài gửi by akaishuu on Tue May 03, 2011 5:09 am

After many days losing a large amount of money by playing many different kinds of online casinos, I have consulted many tips not only on the internet but also the experiences from masters of this game. At the moment, I have owned many useful experiences and now I can get some profits from online gambling.
Initially, I had some money, deposit in site scam and then I lost $10 ( After that time, I have searched a lot carefully about casino sites and decided to stay at
This site belongs to Gambling system which has had prestige since 2003. For that reason, you will not have to be worry about being scammed.
Instant cash out, min play 0.01$
Firstly, you register and deposit, this site accept LR and WM and then you go to Casino Game Roulette Play for Money
And now, it’s the time for some tips for you, It’s the interface of roulette game:

Firstly, I want to tell you about the way how this site will cheat the player:
If you are the first register, you will be easy to win, whenever, they will allow and encourage you to win easily at the first time, however, time by time, it becomes more difficult to win and if you keep playing, it will be easy to become a loser. Therefore, I advice you to control your emotions and feelings, whatever winning or losing, let be calm.
If you win at 1-2 first time playing, do immediately withdraw your money and if you want to keep playing, let create new other account to deposit money and continue..
Some people often playing casino games know that when playing roulette, players should make their bets on 2 black and red numbers below, because if choosing 1 in 2 numbers the winning rate is 50-50. It still has the dead number which is zero but it’s really rare and you will not have to worry much about this. However, I do not just make my bet on 2 numbers but also combine with other eight slots against the dealer. For more details, you can see picture below:

I will focus on 8 slots. Now you just spin until the time it come to 3 black or red times consecutively and you will make reverse.. For example, it comes to 3 black times consecutively, you will make your bet on the red and if it keeps black, you still makr the bet on red but x2 the money you just have losed, and you can get your money back and more. You can feel assured, the first times it will just have 3-4 times with same colors and till the fifth time you will win your bet. But after that, if you still keep playing like this kind, computer will catch your cheat and it will come to many times with same color consecutively. Yoi will not have enough money to continue. I will provide you the picture below for more easy understanding:

After 1-2 time winning by this way, computer will catch your cheat. Therefore, we will start to make the bet in horizontal line, it’s : 1st12, 2nd12, 3rd12:
1st12 including the numbers from 1 to 12
2nd12 including the numbers from 13 to 24
3rd12 including the numbers from 25 to 36
Eg: 2 consecutive spinning landing at number 8 and 3 means 2 times landing at 1st12. So you can confidently make the bet on 2 kinds 2nd12 and 3rd12. If it still land at 1st12, it’s alright, keep x2 on 2 kinds 2nd12 and 3rd12. I have played many many times and I realize that’s the most effective.
Another kind is vertical line. Vertical line means 3 2to1. It has the same way that of seeing 2 times spinning to same line, you make the bet on other two lines and keep x2 if losing. However, if following this way, the % of winning is not as high and reliable as horizontal sp that you should use it in the case of being caught cheating.
Another small tip is: If spinning and landing at 0, let consider that last spin whether it landed at black or red. If it’s black, let make your bet on red one and reverse. This experience is 90% exactly. If you do not believe, let try at least one time.

I introduce some tips with the hope that you can understand and combine different ways effectively so that the computer cannot catch your cheating. That’s alright. But the most important thing is that you should know the right time to stop your play. If you have any question, just reply and I will help as much as possible
Someone interested in please register on
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This site accept LR, PM, WM,…
Min dep , payout : 0$
Min play ( bet ) : 0.01$
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It has about 20 different kinds of gambling like: roulette , blackjack, poker , baccarat ,slot .....
Register for supporting:
Thanks in advanced.
This is my new proof:
Casino online for LR - WM
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