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How to Protect Your Text File with LockNote 1.03

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How to Protect Your Text File with LockNote 1.03 Empty How to Protect Your Text File with LockNote 1.03

Bài gửi by tammy on Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:24 am

LockNote is a freeware, it’s help you create a text file with password. This tool is small, just 312KB, don’t need to install and simple interface, just a few steps through you could have a text file with important content is encrypted secure.


File text LockNote created using algorithms AES 265-bit can be completely assured of the data protection program. Program works with text files. LockNote compatible with all Windows. You can download it from here.


Using the program is extremely simple:

- After loading the program on your computer, simply double-click to activate the LockNote.exe to access the work of the program.

- With a simple interface such as a window of Windows Notepad, you simply enter the text to be encoded into a blank frame (or drag-drop the text file into the working of the program).

- Once you have enough text content on your File> Save As …, then the name, select the folder to save the text file and click Save. In the dialog box appears LockNote Steganos you enter your password twice to the same frame Password and Repat Password then click the OK button to apply.


- Text file after it has been encrypted by LockNote, it will have the same symbol icon of the program and convert to file type *. exe. And when you need to view the content of text you just need to double-click the file and then enter a password to open the file.

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